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Water treatment
In a natural aquatic environment the balance between all forms of life is balanced by natural processes, of which the nitrogen cycle is the most important.

In the fishpond – and definitely Koi ponds – live almost always too many fish in the few water volume with each other and plants are almost not, or not at all present. Fish eats plants and we do not want too many plants in order to see our Koi.

With these circumstances a biological balance without intervening is impossible. Be aware that the nitrogen cycle is a complicated process that knows different stadia that play at the same time and influence each other. It is very hard, almost impossible, to control this process. An almost perfect balance between maintaining an active and efficient bacteria colony, the cleaning of waste, the limitation of the quantity toxics and the improvement of the clearness of the pond water is the highest achievable. The Takazumi product assortment is adjusted to this. At Takazumi you will find an extensive program with excellent and exclusive products to improve or preserve the water quality of your pond or aquarium. Also water test sets are available at Takazumi.

Bacteria Culture “Pure”

• Pure Pond
• Pure Pond Bomb
• Pure Aquarium

This bacteria culture of Evolution Aqua helps your pond or aquarium to have an optimal biological balance and reduce the toxic influences. The bacteria will also help the clean the excess sludge.

Takazumi’s classics
Nitrifix: Activates a natural nitrification process that reduces the quantities of ammonia and nitrite in your pond impressively.
Bacter pro: Results in a low ammonia and nitrite percentages and helps dissolve ammonia and nitrite peaks.

Minerale additions
Takazumi – Clay – KH+ – GH+

Of vital importance for maintaining vital chemical water parameters. It is these minerals that maintain a chemical balance in the Japanese mud ponds that make it favorable for Koi.

Water test sets
Test sets offer you the possibility to monitor all water values in your pond, so you can, in the interest of your fish, react adequately and immediate, when results are deviating. The test sets at Takazumi are from Takazumi.

Our water treatment products?