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Takazumi B.V.

We are a rather small and informal team that enjoys working together and relating to our customers in a friendly-commercial way. By the mixture of individual qualities of the team members we have succeeded in building an international wholesale company that keeps growing and attrackting products of the best manufacturers. Whereas in the beginning we have been scouring the country for products, improvement and innovation, nowadays we are increasingly contacted by the manufacturers and suppliers themselves, who are apparently attracted to the concept and the name of Takazumi.

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100% quality

All Takazumi products stand for quality.

Large assortment

Takazumi has a complete range of koifood.

Worldwide delivery

Takazumi supplies its products all over the world.


Read below frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Is your question not listed? Please contact us.

When can I feed which Takazumi feed?

Takazumi has different feeds for certain seasons. Which food you can feed the best, depends on the water temperatures. In our ‘’ Nutrition Calendar’’ you can find an overview of when you can feed, which feed the best.

Why feed Yugen food?

Yugen is a complete food for koi with an added bacterial immunomodulator and therefore it has an great effect on the immune system of the koi.
You can find more information about Yugen on the site under Takazumi feed Yugen.

What is the difference between Primakoi, Takazumi and Miyagi koifood?

Primakoi is a good food, which falls into the low segment. The Takazumi feeds are mid-sized, very good quality at an affordable price. The Miyagi feeds carry traps in the high sigment. These feeds are of a very high quality.

Why should you use Takazumi Medicine?

The Takazumi medicines are legally registered and tested. Behind the Takazumi medicines is a company that is specializes in making medication. They continue to develop and look for even better alternatives to medication.

Latest products

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