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Taking care of Koi is learning how to see what your Koi needs. It is an art that can be learned by monitoring your Koi to get to know it better. Of course a little help does not hurt….. Takazumi delivers with the Professional Koi food line an assortment of balanced Koi feeders that in composition are aligned with each other and the different seasons. We have given a detailed description of the different feeders and principles of the art of feeding in our feeding calendar.

Takazumi Professional Koifood
Takazumi Professional Koi Food is and will stay the core of our assortment. We keep, where possible, improve our products and try to maintain our competitive prices that distinguish us from the major brands.

The Takazumi Professional Koi Food assortment consists of:

Takazumi Gold Plus
The balanced top food for a brilliant color development

Takazumi High Growth
The concentrate for optimal and fast growth

Takazumi Vital
The health food for resistance and fast recovery

Takazumi Junior Premium
The starting food for young Koi as a basis for a long and healthy koi life

Takazumi Easy
The food for the less active koi; also excellent as winter food

Takazumi Sturgeon
The professional sturgeon food for a life like a Koi

Takazumi Yugen
Takazumi Yugen occupies a unique place, not only among Takazumi feeds, but among all Koi feeds. It contains a bacterial immune modulator, which has an unparalleled effect on the immune system of the Koi. Although Takazumi Yugen is a complete Koi food, it also occupies a prominent place among our care-for-fish products.

Takazumi Friend (Mix)
A complete and economically entertaining basic feed for koi that supports color and growth, developed to meet the great need for an affordable quality feed.

In order to meet market demand – variation in price, quality and assortment – we have taken a number of actions to arrive at a broad assortment, varying in composition, quality and price. And this led to the following additions:

Takazumi’s caring water rides
The water feeds are additional sources of nutrients for the lesser periods in a koi life. When the fish is not at its best, and does not actively seek food, the high-quality components are absorbed through the water. These products have added value for water quality, which is why we also use them as water improvers.

Takazumi Kien Pro
Keep digestion going and provide your koi with sufficient nutrients in the dark days.

Takazumi Sakan-ni Pro
Keeps digestion going and provides your koi with sufficient nutrients in the dark days.

Takazumi’s no-nonsense (budget) feed is downright cheap and surprisingly good. We supply Primakoi in three variants:

Primakoi Base
A complete high quality koi food that maintains the condition and colors of your koi.

Primakoi Pro
A complete, high-quality koi food that helps your koi grow better in a healthy way.

Primakoi Duo
A complete koi food of excellent quality that maintains the condition, coloring, growth and strength of your koi.

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