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Nexus Filters
These international top class filters use the modern ‘moving bed’ principal and deliver an unmatched water quality and clearness. They save energy, are easy to install, and suitable for ponds with a lot of Koi.

Eazy Pod
The Eazy Pod is a complete and compact filter solution for mechanical, biological, and ultraviolet filtering.

Cetus Sieve
The Cetus Sieve has a 300 micron screen with a large surface and a patent system that responds to level changings.

Evo UV
This digital high efficiency EVO UV lamps are easy to install and to maintain.

Airtech Luchtpompen
These reliable and energy saving Airtech airpumps from Evolution Aqua provide the pond with sufficient oxygen and give the right pressure even on a depth of 2 meter

K1 Micro Bead Filters
A new line of pressure filter systems. The applied K1 micro filter medium provides a much better biological filtering than beads.

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