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Next to the bloodlines, are nutrition and the waterquality the important things for your Koi.


  • Good water quality is the basis for a healthy koi.

  • The amount of food and its composition both have an impact on water quality.

  • A mechanical or natural filter is an indispensable tool

Food and water quality. All season foods from Takazumi have a very high digestibility of about 80% due to their balanced composition, which reduces the load on filters to a minimum and therefore contributes significantly to clear and healthy pond water. Remember that a Koi needs about 2% of his body weight per day. Therefore do not feed too exuberant and make sure that it is eaten in 5 to 10 minutes.

Food and seasonal influences. Each season has its influence on the nutritional behavior of the koi (and thus also on the water quality and therefore the health of your koi). The changing seasonal temperature of the water influences the digestion of the koi and so you also have to adjust the type of feed. In the early spring, when the metabolism of the koi gets going again, a lightly digestible diet is definitely desirable. Also the condition of the koi after the winter period is often not optimal and a food that stimulates the immune system and activates your koi quickly resilient against bacterial infections and parasitic discomfort. It is precisely this Takazumi Vital that is ideal for getting your koi up and running fast again! Gradually you can then switch to the balanced top-basic food Takazumi Gold Plus as main feed. As soon as the water temperatures rise further to 10C in the spring, you switch to Takazumi Mix, which stimulates both color and growth, and then goes on to High Growth with a high protein percentage during the summer months (= growth months) of 45%. A concentrate that stimulates growth and weight gain. In reverse order, you start again from the beginning of September. From Takazumi High Growth, via Takazumi Mix and Takazumi Gold Plus in the fall, to increase the winter with the resistance-enhancing Takazumi Vital with easily digestible proteins and a low fat and medium protein percentage. Incidentally, it is nonsense to only take the water temperature as a criterion to stop feeding. The eating behavior of your koi determines whether it is useful and desirable to feed. (“The art of feeding”) remember that as long as the koi swims, he suffers less from parasites and the like than if he is lying on the bottom.

When feeding, think of the less active koi, which awaits its chance in the pond. Always feed some Takazumi Easy sinking food (throughout the year) to also serve these fish. If the water temperatures go down, you will of course have to adjust the nutrient rhythm and the quantity. Stop feeding below 5C. The digestion of the koi is then almost silent.

Nutrition and Health. Takazumi has health of koi high in her banner. The continuous quality controls and feed tests with koi in the research center are focused on this. With the aim of raising the resilience and health of koi to a maximum attainable level, Takazumi Yugen has been developed. Takazumi Yugen is a bacterial immune modulator with an unparalleled effect on the immune system of both growing and adult koi. You only have to feed Yugen 4 times a year for 5 days to give your koi a fully developed and optimally functioning immune system in a very short time.

Have fun with a beautiful hobby and healthy koi!