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Besides the right feeding and a healthy pond environment extra care for our Koi indispensable. How often do they look just slightly less lively than we actually wish for and how easy do they experience physical inconveniencies. To meet the large demand in care, protection, and welfare for Koi, we have searched for products that the Koi-lover has on his or her wish list, but were not all available. The products that we have in our assortment are truly exceptional.

Yugen, the ultimate Immune-impulse
Takazumi Yugen contains a unique bacteria immune modulator, that has a unmatched effect to the immune system of a Koi. This is derived from unique resources that are result of years of study, original for developed for the human race, by an English professor and his wife.

Yugen is offered world wide exclusively by Takazumi.

Kien Pro, liquid food
Kien Pro is a supplementary nutrition for your Koi. It compensates important nutrients that are lost in the production process of the grains. The improved Kien Pro helps your fish optimizing of the digestion, also in cold periodes.

Sakan-Ni Pro
Sakan-ni Pro is a mix of herbs, minerals, amino acids, fat acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, and probiotic bacteria that strengthen the immune system of your fish remarkably to help them during or after injuries and periods of stress and sickness.

Malamix17 is a mix of resistance strengtheners and feeding enzymes that give the probiotics in the resources itself, but also the filter bacteria an extra boost. Malamix improves a healthy and strong mucus layer, which is of vital importance for a wel developed resistance.

Takazumi is distributor of his own range of products against diverse diseases, wound treatments, and disinfection products and pond products in the Netherlands and Belgium. When having doubts with medicinal use contact a Koi doctor or vet. Support after a treatment with medicin your fish by feeding them a week with Takazumi Vital.

Koi Aid
Takazumi Koi Aid results in a natural treatment of uclers, wounds, open scales, damaged fins and infected areas.

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