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(March 20, 2012 ) Primakoi introduced

Takazumi introduced Primakoi; a No-Nonsense Koi Food. A food range with no nonsense, downright cheap and surprisingly good. De Primakoi range includes three different feeds...read more ...


(2010) Independent feed test shows high digestibility of Takazumi koi foods

"Der Koi Ratgeber" performed a profound test on the Takazumi foods....read more ...


"takazumi, pleased to meet you"

only the best for your koi!

As early as 1999 the outstanding quality of Takazumi Professional Koi Food was scientifically proven by the Wageningen (The Netherlands) University. With respect to growth and coloration it scored considerably better than the great brands of the world even then. Meanwhile the quality of our products has still improved. Our eminent dispensings are amply tested in practice by consumer panels and professional dealers. On the basis of their findings and in co-operation with the fish biologists and nutrition technologists of our manufacturer we continuously keep improving our Professional Koi Food. Today Takazumi Professional Koi Food stands firm between the major A-brands with quality products for very competitive consumer prices: A fair food for a fair price !

Please click distribution to find our agents and wholesale dealers for the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Ukraine who can supply you with Takazumi Professional Koi products or direct you to outlets in your neighbourhood.


'the art of feeding'

To nurse Koi is to learn to see the needs of your Koi and act accordingly. It is an art that you master by observing your Koi and thus getting to know them better. Of course a little help can do no harm… In it's “food” line Takazumi now provides a choice of well balanced koi foods that in composition have not only been adjusted to all seasons, but also to one another. In our feeding calendar we have elaborated the use of the various foods and the rudiments of the art of feeding for you in a neat way.


koi care and a healthy and transparant koi world

Extra support for our vulnarable Koi's health and for their aquatic environment is a must!

Takazumi Care meets this need with unequalled products additional to Koi Food. Takazumi Eco attends to healthy and transparant living conditions for Koi as it benefits the nitrogen cycle and the control of ammonia , nitrite , fibrous algae and organic waste in the Koi pond.

no-nonsense koi food
Besides Takazumi Professional Koi Food, Takazumi also markets PrimaKoi, which is an honest food for little money: just quality with no nonsense and yet surprisingly good.



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