Since 2003 Takazumi is in the professional Koi food market with a complete line of balanced quality foods and the goal of putting honest products on the market with honest prices. Step by step we conquered a position in Europe as a wholesale and trustable supplier of quality products. During the Dutch Koi Show of 2013 we celebrated our tenth anniversary together with the many Koi friends we got to know over the years. Today Takazumi is an established player in the Dutch and European Koi environment. READ MORE


Takazumi Professional Koi Food has long been recognised as a line of complete feeders with a perfect value for money. And we keep expanding our range of products and improving the quality of our products. Our name and specialisation also attracted other suppliers and producers with products that can be supplementary to our range of products. READ MORE


If a Koi really feels comfortable it will show you with growth, the colour, and vitality. The clear and healthy water that is necessary is realised by optimal mechanic and biologic filtering. This means by filtering even the smallest waste particles and adding the right bacteria colonies to the water to break down the harmful substances. Besides that algal growth has to be countered with high quality UV lamps and the whole system needs to be provided with sufficient oxygen by a suitable pump.READ MORE


With Takazumi you will find a comprehensive program to ensure or improve the water quality in your pond or aquarium. We are, among other things, the proud supplier of the highly decorated “PURE” range products, that helps triggering a quality water environment for fish, reduces toxics, and eliminates excess sludge. We also deliver the top product against blankedweed and a large variety of minerals to add to the water such as GH+, KH+, and the well-known Clay mix. Of course we also have testing sets, with which you can monitor the quality of the water yourself. READ MORE


Unfortunately, not all fish are as healthy as desired. Therefore we deliver a wide range of resources for a positive turn. Our pro-biotic bacteria culture delivers a bacteria balance in the pond that passes to ‘good’ bacteria and our products that stimulate the immune system of the fish, enable these to avert in a natural and active manner. In case of emergency there is a complete line of medicins against parasites, fungus, and bacteria, and we can advise you further thanks to our collaboration with laboratories, vets, and universities. READ MORE


Our training about nutrition for Koi, water quality, fish care, and much more are given by Jos Derks and mostly take place at the location of one of our dealers. The training will be announced on this website and by the relevant dealer. If you wish to attend a training, please contact us or the dealer where the training will take place.READ MORE

Takazumi Vital

A balanced professional top food with a low fat- and medium protein content and all nutrients for a healthy Koi life and Premix. The Premix contains a specially developed cocktail of diverse means to stimulate the immune system of your Koi, to develop an excellent resistance against infections and parasites.

Takazumi Yugen

With immune modulator for top-resistance

Yugen is a complete food for Koi with a added bacterial immune modulator, which has an unmatched effect on the immune system of a Koi. Using Yugen results in both the adolescent and adult Koi in a short period of time in a good developed and superior functioning immune system. This results in an amazing fast growth, superior colour development, and most of all in a strong improvement of the natural resistance.